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Baden Co-creation with Gemma Luz Bosch



Annabel Schouten and Gemma Luz Bosch have developed an acoustic immersive installation for their co-created concerts, in which the audience listens while lying down. The audience is invited on the artwork. Baden is a minimalist, personal and intimate concert that prompts you to slow down, be still and experience your own body. During the concert you can listen to a composition of whispering flutes, driving rhythms and fragile voices. The surfaces sings as your body gently descends. 

The duo developed several site specific concerts with the installation together with Music Performance Artist Konstantin Schreiber. In December 2023 the three of them started Baden Collective. In 2024 they will work on new forms for the installation. Scroll down to find some documentation of the concerts that have taken place.

Swipe for more pictures, April 2023, taken by Noa Schouten

Baden Collective, swipe for more pictures, November 2023, taken by Noa Schouten

Bosbaden - Annabel and Gemma Luz Bosch created the immersive sound installation Baden together. The installation is designed to feel your body, moving up and down, creating sound with your body weight. This video was made by performer and filmer Jurriaan de Vos during the premiere of Baden at Caprera, 8,9,10 April 2023, Theater and Walking Park in Bloemendaal. 

Bosbaden at Caprera, Bloemendaal 8, 9, 10th of April 2023. Drone by Jurriaan de Vos

Baden at November Music, Verkade fabriek, Den Bosch, 5th of November 2023. Picture by Noa Schouten

Baden at Festival de Oversteek (sold out!) Nijmegen, 3th of September 2023. Picture taken by Festival de Oversteek

Nijverbaden at Nijverheid (sold out!) Utrecht, 1th of April 2023. Picture taken by Noa Schouten

Onderbaden at Cultura Nova (sold out!) Heerlen, 27th of August 2023. Picture taken by the festival

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