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shaping the land while walking


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a round marimba designed to circle around a tree



With the Klinkboom Annabel facilitated a way of performing with sounds from the surroundings for everyone. The instrument is built for an public space outside. It was designed in such a way that anyone can play! 

The staves are forming a circle shape which can be installed around a tree. It allows the musician who plays on it to play in an endless phase, walking in circles while creating sound. The staves are tuned in a melody. The tree also participates in the composition, by dropping branches or oaks. In this way Annabel created a way to perform with the tree. 

The Klinkboom was built for an open air art route at the
Floriade 2022
Today you can find the Klinkboom in the Dune forest of Bloemendaal at Wandelpark Caprera
The instrument was built in collaboration with Rob van de Broek and Lies Muller
This project was supported by 2Turvenhoog

Klinkboom - This interview video is created by 2Turvenhoog in 2022.

Documentation in 2022 and 2023 by Moon Saris, Noa Schouten and Jurriaan de Vos

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