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fort Lunet I Gaudeamus

The Sounding surface concert has been the most visually curated Walking concert, with a lot of colors, sawing trees and cinematic sights. Annabel worked with the sounds from the space using the acoustic under the bridge with two differently sound qualities. The audience was invited to lie down in a hammock. After which they would be guided to participate in the playing violin themselves. By inviting the audience to play Annabel created a way of saying:
"We are in this sounding landscape together. We all are sound, we sound with each other sometimes making the most beautiful sights and harmonies. We move in, with, though sound and we pass it. Everywhere, all the time, also here, now in this strange public space in the rain."

Sounding surfaces was performed by Annabel Schouten, Jurriaan de Vos, Geerte de Koe, Rosa van Walbeek, Johannes Karst en Lucas Kloosterboer.

Questions in the proces: how to involve an audience? How to create a visually interesting view in an overstimulating space? How much input is enough? How to perform in the rain? How to built an installation in a public space? 

Documentation of the performance at the 9th of September 2022 by Noa Schouten and Pieter Kers

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