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Walking concerts


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In 2022 & 2023 Annabel was in residency at Stichting Rizoom funded by Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds

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Joep Christenhusz

Concerts created to listen to the sounds that are already taking place

While walking in silence the audience experiences the space. They walk pass performers harmonizing musically and visually with the landscape. Every concert was custom made for the place in which it was performed. Every spot, every time of year and even every audience has its own circumstances with its own opportunities. Naturally every concert was about something else.  Scroll down and click on the pictures to find out.

The walking concerts are a response to the way we live, kindly inviting an audience to slow down and become aware of the space they are moving in.

 In total Annabel realized more than twenty Walking concerts, at different locations: Nijverheid Utrecht, Caprera Bloemendaal, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, fort Lunet I Utrecht, fort bij het Hemeltje Houten, aan de Dommel Den Bosch, fort Maarsseveen Maarssen, aan de Singel Utrecht. Not everything was documented.

registration of a Walking concert
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Shaping time, Walking concert - The audience walks in silence and listens to musical intenterventions mixed with natural sounds from the surrounding. They become aware of all the sounds that pass them by and of the way they pass sounds. This documentation video is created by Yasha Mostert. At fort 'Bij 't Hemeltje', Utrecht

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Rizoom I 2mrt22 (photo  Isabelle Renate la Poutré)-53_edited.jpg
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