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combines music with landscape


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fort bij 't Hemeltje



Shaping time, walking concert - The audience walks in silence and listens to musical intenterventions mixed with natural sounds from the surrounding. They become aware of all the sounds that pass them by and of the way they pass sounds. Annabel developed two instrument installations for the performance. This documentation video is created by Yasha Mostert. At fort 'Bij 't Hemeltje', Utrecht

Shaping time is a walking and listening concert created by Annabel Schouten in which a group of musicians performs the movement of the sun. The performances take place in a live setting, at fort 'Bij 't Hemeltje' and along the singel in the center Utrecht. During the day, musical interventions can be heard in different places while wandering through the concert.

In Shaping time Annabel adds the minimum to allow visitors to listen to a fusion of harmonies, rhythms and sounds from the surrounding. The audience can shape their own composition by walking through the sounds that surround them.


For the performance Annabel developed two new instrument installations. Both of the instrument installations are designed to perform on. Percussionists will play on 'Shadow play' and string players will perform on 'Circle bow'. The installations have a function and a shape. The shapes invite the musician to play the instruments in another way.

Performers: Annabel Schouten, Oene van Geel, Tessa Zoutendijk, Anneke Frankenberg, Geerte de Koe, Maya Felixbrodt, Mees Siderius, Lucas Kloosterboer, Sanne Huijbregts, Johannes Karst, Lucas Jansen, Noah Hassler-Forrest, Wouter Torringa, Pleun Alkemade, Hans Vermunt, Elsa van der Linden, Gemma Luz Bosch

Documentation of the performance at the 20th of June 2021 by Noa Schouten

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