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Wandelpark Caprera 



The Bosbaden concerts in Caprera were made in the early spring. We performed with three performers: Jurriaan de Vos, Gemma Luz Bosch and Annabel Schouten. In this concert the Klinkboom was integrated for the first time. For the concert we builded our installation Baden for the first time. The Walking concert was used as a tool to open the ears of our audience and to prepare them for the experience of the installation. 

Questions in the proces: How to ready a group to physically and auditory surrender to a space? How much sound interventions do listeners need to listen to the space once they lie down? How is horizontally listening different from surround listening while walking?

Documentation of the performance at the 8, 9, 10th of April 2023 by Caprera and Jurriaan de Vos

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