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aan de Dommel



Shaping time in a different setting. The first time creating a Walking concert in a public space. While playing the piece we met spontaneous performers: people in the city performing the most genius scenes. A girl on a swing, a biker who started singing in opera voice, youth hanging around scooters.. Leaving a lot of visitors in doubt who is and who isn't a performer in the piece. It made Annabel realize once more that this is what the Walking concerts are about: that there is no such thing as being part of or not, all is part of all.

Shaping time at
RE___NATURE was performed by Annabel Schouten, Geerte de Koe, Mees Siderius en Hans Vermunt

Questions in the proces: How to perform with the city? How to interact with spontaneous "performers" and other unexpected events? How to make the audience listen to the traffic as part of the composition? 


Documentation of the performance at the 9th of October 2021 by Noa Schouten and Lidewei Reitsma

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