Shaping time is a walking and listening concert created by Annabel Schouten. During the RE_NATURE festival in October a group of musicians will perform in the public space of 's Hertogenbosch. Annabel invented new instrument installations which invites musicians to play together with the sounds from the surrounding. During the walking concert musical interventions can be heard in different places while wandering towards the festival area.





Annabel Schouten (1999) is an artist who works with movement and sound. She questions life and by doing so she explores the life around her. (Being in) nature became part of her practice. In her work she invites her audience to participate and experience their relationship with nature. 


How to become part of nature

In her performances she uses subtle acoustic sounds to create a natural atmosphere. Within these atmospheres movement and silence cooperate as one. She uses the violin, her voice and, if needed, other sounds that feel alive.

Annabel graduated in 2021 with a bachelor's degree in Music Performance Art at the conservatory of Utrecht, HKU. 


manager of          

composer, violinist, vocalist       

creates jewelry                        

Nulpunt experimental music event

Woensdagmiddag Ensemble

Nature Details


email      schoutenannabel@gmail
phone    +31 6 52289331
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